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Engage Through Change

“What’s happened here?” a manager of a client recently asked. “We used to be so agile, and now we have to wait months to get a request for a new project approved.” “You grew,” I answered. I thought how human development and organizational development are remarkably similar. Early childhood growth is marked by easily identifiable […]

Internal Hospitality

“What exactly is ‘hospitality?” I asked my former college roommate.  She had completed her degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management twenty years earlier, and I remembered she had had a course in hospitality. “I’m interviewing for a Vice President of Hospitality role, and I wanted your take on the definition.” “It’s really simple,” she said. […]

Taking the Helm with Heart

I was recently talking with the staff of a major retailer, trying to solve their problem of low membership for credit card applications. One part-time staff member summarized his experience. “Basically,” he said, “my job is to sell the company’s credit card to customers. That’s my whole measure of success. If I reach my quota, […]

Fill the Tool Box

“He comes in at 9:00 and leaves at 4:00,” a client complained about his manager. “I get so frustrated that he isn’t putting in longer hours. I pay him a lot – higher than industry average. But he isn’t delivering on results.” “Is he analyzing his department’s data?” “Absolutely not. The guy is taking me […]

What really happened?

A regional manager recently lamented that she had forgotten a significant expense on the department’s annual budget. As a result, her business would miss plan by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and other divisions would have to make up the shortfall. She was distraught by her error. How could she have done this?  She had an acute, analytical […]

Back Your Boss

I was recently talking with a friend who taught math in a large high school. She was complaining – again – about her principal. “He doesn’t support me. He hasn’t a clue to what I do, and how hard my job is.” “Interesting….” I responded. “What do you mean by that?” “Well, let me ask you: what […]

Give It Away

With the holidays quickly approaching, our minds often turn to giving. As leaders, we may be considering how our companies can give back to the community. Yet, this time of year also gives us an opportunity to evaluate our position on year-round generosity. Every year Forbes Magazine publishes an article sharing the results of the ten most […]

Are we brainwashed about brainstorming?

We all cringe a bit when we are invited to a brainstorming meeting. While we thrive on the creativity, we also question the productivity and the cost of the meeting. I know one executive who clicks on an app to tally the cost of the salaries at the table. In essence, she is asking the question […]